Posted by U10G Firebirds on Aug 14 2017 at 08:25PM PDT

Hi Team

we would like to get this finalized as soon as we can

Some parents have already responded

The indoor soccer season will start up in the Fall and continue right through to Spring 2018

This will provide a weekly game and allow the players to continue playing right through till next year against some of the teams we played this year and some new teams

Game Times – based on last year games were on a Sunday in the early afternoons

So if you are interested in playing please respond to the last message sent on team pages for BMO indoor or add a comment below

I will post a list of those interested after Tuesday




2017-08-15T03:07:54-07:00August 15 2017, at 03:07 AM PDT, AMY COOPER said:

Addison is intereated

2017-08-15T04:24:44-07:00August 15 2017, at 04:24 AM PDT, Starla Benson said:

Norah wants to play

2017-08-15T16:36:20-07:00August 15 2017, at 04:36 PM PDT, SUE AND DON BECHARD said:

Natalie Bechard is interested.

2017-08-15T19:05:45-07:00August 15 2017, at 07:05 PM PDT, CATHY GARBUTT said:

Emma is interested

2017-08-19T11:00:58-07:00August 19 2017, at 11:00 AM PDT, CHRISTINE BULLAS said:

Genevieve is interested